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Inception ;; Authur

I Don't Sleep (I Dream) - masterpost

Title: I Don't Sleep (I Dream)
Author name: safaiagem
Artist Name: seimaisin
Beta name: laria_gwyn
Characters/Pairing: Steve/Bucky, Clint/Natasha, Loki/Sif, Tony/Pepper, Bruce/Betty, Thor
Fandom/Universe: MCU Inception AU
Rating: R
Word count: 29,514
Warnings: language, mild torture, violence
Summary: When Thor Odinson hires extractor Steve Rogers to perform an extraction and an inception on his brother Loki he knows he is going to need the best in the business. His team, however, is scattered after an accident left them minus a member. While the rest of his team prepares for the jobs of their lives Steve is haunted by the shade of Bucky Barnes. Will the best team in the business be able to perform two jobs on a single target or will Bucky follow through with his promise to ruin their reputations and their lives? And what of Thor's strange brother, Loki and what lies in his twisted subconscious?

Story: Livejournal and AO3
Fanmix: Livejournal and Dreamwidth

Notes: Whoa boy and here we are. When I saw that the Avengers fandom was already taking off well before the movie came out I resigned myself to the fact that sometime during the summer I was going to be writing a big bang. I knew it was happening and I prepared myself for it. What I did not prepare myself for was this post on tumblr to completely take over my brain. I never write AU's, I told myself, why start now? Well I did and here we are. Time for some things. I would like to thank seimaisin for her fantastic fanmix. I've never had one of those before! Also epistolic for being my cheerleader and for being lovely in general. Also laria_gwyn was my beta, I <3 her forever and ever, and any other mistakes are mine. Thanks to the mods of the marvel_bang for giving me two extra days to get my rough draft to a 80% mark. Marvel stuff is owned by Marvel and Inception stuff is owned by Chris Nolan. The title is taken from 'I Don't Sleep, I Dream' by R.E.M. All right let's do this.